Nonwovens and production equipment sales

We sell high quality non-woven materials for the production of KN95 masks, N95 masks.



  • We also sell non-woven fabric manufacturing machinery and equipment, welcome to order

    High speed carding machine

    High speed carding machine

    Product specifications and parameters:

    ★Adapt to raw materials: polyester, polypropylene, nylon, sea island fiber, microfiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, cotton, etc.

    ★Adapted length: 25-76mm

    ★The machine width can be divided into several kinds of 1000.1550.1800.2000.2300.2500mm

    ★Mechanical speed: up to 60 m / min, gram weight 10-50 g / m2

    ★Reliable anti-rolling device to protect the card clothing from damage

    ★Variable speed change in each part, strong variety adaptability

    ★ Absorb and digest foreign new technologies, new features, and innovative design

    High-speed needling machine

    Product specifications and parameters:

    ★Effective frame: 2000-10000

    ★Needle density: 4000-8000 pieces / meter

    ★Acupuncture frequency: 1600 ram / min

    ★Power: 15-65KW

    ★Production speed: 1-9 meters

    ★Power consumption: 25-60KW

    Acupuncture production line

    Needle production line equipment

    ★Applicable to all kinds of non-woven fabrics with needle rolling requirements. 

    Fully enclosed oil circuit, full imported bearings, aluminum-magnesium alloy 

    combination needle plate, tray plate, stripping plate made of manganese steel plate.

    Basic parameters:

    ★ effective width; 2000-10000

    ★ Production speed: 1-9 meters

    ★Power consumption: 25-60KW

    ★Acupuncture frequency: 1600ram/min